Antarctic Life

A frozen outlook on life on the ice

Day Trip to Creek 3

Halley VI, Brunt Ice Shelf, Antarctica 75°36'36"S 26°16'14"W

Temperature: -3.2°C

Wind Speed: 18.0 kts ENE

After an exceptionally busy relief period, the Shackleton has now gone leaving just the two winter teams and the summer crew.

The weather has been remarkably kind with sunny skies for at least part of the day, each and every day since I arrived, with relatively low winds and high temperatures. Today marks a slight change from this pattern, whilst it is still exceptionally warm, the wind has picked up and reached up to 25 knots earlier in the day, kicking up plenty of loose snow and blowing it across the ground, resulting in almost zero contrast and relatively poor visibility.

For us incoming winterers, we will be heading off to Creek 3, which is one of the usual relief sites, for our winter training on Friday where we will spend the weekend improving on the skills we learnt at the training week back in the UK.

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