Antarctic Life

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South Bound

Off the English Coast 52.5747°N, 1.2781°E

Temperature: -°C

This one will be a short post without photos unfortunately. The journey has finally started and we are currently making our way south from Immingham to Portsmouth, aiming to arrive tomorrow evening. For anyone interested in seeing the seas and view we currently have from the ship you can head over to the link here to view the webcam which is situated in the conning tower at the top of the ship facing forwards.
The internet is not horrendous, but we will pick up more passengers once we reach Cape Town - more people onboard = slower internet, think dial-up but shared between 40 people. Currenly I am the only non-mariner onboard.
Having sampled the food I can safely say that I will be enormous by the time I get to Cape Town let alone Halley unless I ensure that the gym is fully utilised on a near daily basis!
Hopefully I will have some photos once there is something to take a photo of outside other than some waves and grey sky but I feel that may be closer to our next waypoint in Madeira than in Portsmouth.