Antarctic Life

A frozen outlook on life on the ice


Aberdeen, Scotland 57.1526°N, 2.1100°W

Temperature: +3°C

In rather stark contrast to my last post and something I'm sure I will no doubt get used to is year-round snow.

Off the back of a lovely few weeks of sun and relative warmth in Inverness, today the day started out very sunny in Aberdeen before turning very wintery with a reasonable amount of snowfall.

It is with great sadness that I have finished my regular job as a surgical trainee and I'm now preparing to make the move down south to Plymouth. Time has absolutely flown by and truly enjoyed myself up north and will definitely miss all the staff whom I worked with. That said I am definitely looking forward to starting with BAS this coming Friday although I'm not entirely sure what to expect and I'm sure I will feel out of my depth initially.

Time is ticking down to the provisional date of the 22nd of October when I will sail towards the Falklands. In the next six months I will update with major things such as the preparation courses just prior to leaving and hopefully provide plenty of photos of the events.

I will try and update next when I start properly in Plymouth.