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A frozen outlook on life on the ice

Welcome to the blog!

Inverness, Scotland 57.4749°N, 4.1932°W

Temperature: +10°C

Welcome to the blog. I aim to try and update this as often as possible with as many pictures as bandwidth will allow.

I will include coordinates for each post so you can track my progress down South as well as the current temperature so you can get a better idea of what its like as the year progresses.

Currently I am up in (sunny!) Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland which seems another world away from Antarctica. Despite only being up here for a short period of time, I've grown quite fond of the scenery here and it will be sad to leave it all behind and start a new life down in Plymouth.

My current guise is as a surgical trainee in E.N.T. but when I move down to start my job with the British Antarctic Survey I'm sure that too will seem another world away.

For now I will leave a few photographs with some of what the Highlands have to offer until I am able to replace the images with something a bit more Antarctic!

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